Guild Transfer

The Timbermaw team is reaching out to guilds and gaming communities interested in pioneering the culture and ethos of the Timbermaw project from the ground up.

The top 3 reasons we are doing this:

  1. Building a community pre-launch helps positively guide the culture, and sense of community that we want.
  2. It will provide an effective framework for the community to self-regulate with regards to discipline and unacceptable behaviour.
  3. The necessary structures would be in place to effectively integrate new users into the social community, thus improving retention rates.

The top 3 reasons for your guild to do this:

  1. Access to technical and non-technical teams who will work closely with guilds to ensure we live up to “The ultimate playground for your Vanilla Classic fantasies!”
  2. The chance to help define what Timbermaw becomes from day #1.
  3. A Hero Token that provides a level 60 character.

If your guild transfers to Timbermaw we are able to provide a non-for-profit teamspeak3 server of 512 slots for the guilds use, free of charge.

For further information on Hero Tokens please see

Other information:

Immediate access to the Timbermaw Public Test Realm.
Community Manager assigned to ensure a smooth transition.

To begin press the “Transfer my Guild” button at the bottom of this page.

Should you want to discuss this with our team, email us at with any questions or for further information.

To initiate this process the person applying must be the leader of the guild or community.